The Mythology of Interiors

Hotel Mondrian presents a curatorial project produced and curated by Janet Levy, Independent Curator and Gallery Owner / Director of See Line Gallery in Los Angeles.The curatorial project, The Mythology of Interiors, is an original live video performance of short acts written and directed by New York and Berlin based Artist, Nicole Cohen.

The Mythology of Interiors is a performance about interior design spaces, using art world actors/ performers, using their bodies as screens, where they wear white clothes and are video projected onto their actual clothes and follows them with their movements.

The short acts were written to describe historical interior spaces as they also are inspired and relate to mythology. There will be a detailed program, which will be online shortly for more specific information about the script.

The short acts are The Pomegranate Seeds, The Golden Fleece, The Seduction of Lo, Atlas, Mount Olympus, and The Underworld. These scenes all describe interior design in relation to mythology. In other words, the myth will be acted out and there will be an emphasis on the space and the interior design where they are and how they relate to the environment.  In all acts, there will be humor and a twist of a myth about how historical spaces can relate to contemporary design and space.

In the acts all of the 13 special guest performers represent the international art world. The performers are artists; curators, actors and museum professionals acting on a small outdoor white stage at the Sky Bar with white theater curtains.

This project is a site-specific performance made for the Hotel Mondrian. Based on the Sky Bar and the Mondrian being well known for its exquisite interiors, this project was formed and created to reference the sky (mythology) and the interiors. The short plays show an energetic and lighthearted way of physically expressing design + space + and references myths. Although, they are made with a contemporary twist. They are understandable and entertaining for an uplifting evening with intelligent writing and connections with how the body with new digital media describes interior design.

Janet Levy is a curator and gallery founder/director, born in Los Angeles CA. She presented her first curatorial project in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1990. She brings years of curatorial, gallery and marketing experience to her success in producing and promoting significant projects by prominent contemporary artists. Demonstrating an extraordinary intuitive ability for selecting talented visual artists.  In 2006 Levy founded See Line Gallery, an exhibition space dedicated to supporting the work of exceptional contemporary artists.

Nicole Cohen, (b. 1970) in Falmouth, Massachusetts on Cape Cod, lives and works in New York and in Berlin, Germany. She received her BA from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts and her MFA from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Her work has been exhibited at the Williams College Museum of Art (Williamstown, MA), the Fabric Workshop and Museum (Philadelphia, PA), the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and at different venues in Berlin, Germany; Bergen, Norway; Paris, France; Shanghai, China and Harajaku, Osaka, Kobe, and Tokyo, Japan. From 2007 – 2009 she had a commissioned video solo exhibition at The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California. In January 2011, she had her third solo museum exhibition called Driving in Circles at the American University Museum Katzen Arts Center in Washington, D.C