Janet X Janet Shop at ForYourArt

In conjunction with the exhibition presented at See Line Gallery, MoTA (Museum of Temporary Art), curator Janet Levy assembled Janet X Janet Shop at the ForYourArt space 6020 Wilshire Blvd on August 24 – August 26, 2012. The Janet X Janet Shop pays homage to MoTA founder Janet Schmuckal and the Museum of Temporary Art that existed in 1974 – 1982 in Washington D.C. The Museum of Temporary Art was an alternative venue for the arts, a multi-media press, a community arts program, a small press collection and a multi-media performance space. In discovering Janet Schmuckal, curator Janet Levy had remembrances in which she and a colleague, who shared the same name, were introduced in tandem and began to invoke anticipated quizzical reactions. The play-off of the name Janet is also exemplified in relation to Janet Schmuckal. The artists’ work in the Janet X Janet Shop consider space, time and temporariness. Included are works on paper, prints, performance, sculpture and installation.

  • Nathan Bell,
  • Jesse Benson,
  • Scott Benzel,
  • Michael Coleman,
  • Chris Eichenseer,
  • Corey Fogel,
  • Katherine Gray,
  • Matthew Greene,
  • Edgar Heap of Birds,
  • Wendy Heldman,
  • Matthew Hoffman,
  • Chad Kouri,
  • Jow,
  • Karen Lofgren,
  • Christian Morin,
  • Thomas Müller,
  • Eamon O’Kane,
  • Zack Stadel,
  • Michael Worthington.

Janet X Janet Shop hours:
Friday, August 24, 11am – 6pm
Opening Reception 6-9pm, Music by NATHANETICS

Saturday, August 25,11am – 7pm
Decidu #1 Performance by Corey Fogel, 5pm
Corey Fogel’s performance for Janet X Janet will comprise percussion, organic materials, and fabric in a spontaneous improvisation. Using musical trajectory as a map, Corey’s performances blur distinctions between sound, gesture, and sculpture, appropriating both familiar and unfamiliar tropes into something of an abstract ritual.

Saturday, August 25 & Sunday, August 26
Poster Workshop with Michael Coleman, 2 – 5pm
Michael Coleman will produce a diptych poster series for Janet X Janet exhibition, Based on notions of temporary, these limited edition silkscreen posters, Sorry It’s Temporary will be hand printed onsite. Poster A printed on Saturday and Poster B on Sunday.

Sunday, August 26, 5pm
Michael Worthington Just a Band
Michael Worthington’s Just A Band, prompted from Scroobius Pip’s “Thou Shalt Always Kill” is indicative of the shift in the cultural importance of bands from his youth. The text “Just A Band” is made up of 440 hand made buttons, available to take Sunday at 5pm.