Dualities is a five artists project curated by Janet Levy for Arts Brookfield at the Bank of America Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles. The projects are presented concurrently, one project per month, during May 14 – October 19 cumulating on September 3 with all five projects on view. The selection of the works is drawn from the theory of opposites.  Naturally occurring phenomena are grouped into complementary pairs. Above and below, earth and sky, dark and light, fluid and solid each piece chosen contains a balance between two interdependent forces.

Taking into consideration the spacial dynamics of the Bank of America building, curator Janet Levy carefully selected the works to connect the multi levels, Parking level A, concourse and plaza as well as the outdoor stairwell. Each area was then matched with an artist and project:

Project 1, Karen Lofgren’s Gold Flood
Project 2, Matthew Greene Come Together
Project 3, Simmons & Burke Clouds Wallpaper
Project 4, Diana Thater OZ
Project 5, Ryan Perez The Escalator to Nowhere

On the lowest level Karen Lofgren’s Gold Flood seeps out from underneath the edges of the wall, playing with the relationship between liquid and solid states. Matthew Greene intertwines the physical and metaphysical in Come Together using an undulating mass of bodies along outdoor stairwell. They form a seductively charged passageway between the material world and a collective subconscious. Simmons & Burke navigate between darkness and light with Clouds Wallpaper, connecting the backdrops of interior and exterior environments. In OZ Diana Thater investigates the gap that separates and connects earth and sky. California poppies bloom downwards into clouds floating upwards in an inverted landscape between floors. Juxtaposed with their utilitarian counterparts on the bottom floor, Ryan Perez’s The Escalator to Nowhere renders moving objects motionless, a duo of heavy monolithic forms held in place by gravity.